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Just Go Runt Bike

just go runt bike

    just go

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  • RUNT Linux is an acronym for ResNet USB Network Tester. It is one of many Linux distros designed to run from a usb flash drive. RUNT is based on Slackware’s bare kernel. Originally designed as a network tool for students at North Carolina State University.
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2nd feb 2010 NHBD (National Hack Bike Day)

2nd feb 2010 NHBD (National Hack Bike Day)
I obsess about my mountain bike (hereafter referred to as P+J), spending hours getting P+J to shift gears properly, cleaning, re-cleaning, fettling, degreasing, regreasing, adding a new 5g lighter stem, wondering at each and every piece of precise CNC’d loveliness. Then P+J gets paraded in front of other bikers via internet forums to show other bikers my canny selection of parts, colour co-ordination, and attention to detail. Sometimes P+J goes for a ride.

I have another bike. The runt. The forgotten child. The ugly duckling. Today I begrudgingly spent 3-4 minutes of my lunch hour putting a new inner tube on my commuter/hack/beer/road bike, which cost me £135 on ebay 2 and a half years ago. I have never adjusted the gears, never cleaned it, never changed cables or brake blocks. Because it hasn’t needed it, despite doing hundreds of miles more than P+J.

So today I’ll celebrate the hack bike – thank you for getting me home. Thank you for not making a fuss and just working. thank you for not minding if you get a bit dirty. Thank you for living in the cellar when P+J lives in my lounge.

Today I declare as National Hack Bike Day. Long live the Hack Bike (so I can still spend my money on P+J)

Hack Bike. I Salute You.

Doin' Big Things on Little Bikes

Doin' Big Things on Little Bikes
Dan O’Connor rippin’ the runt bicycle at the Short Beach skatepark in Stratford, CT.
Tailwhip on the quarter pipe.

Nikon D5000
ISO 800

Nikon SB600 behind camera 1/8th +0.7 power @ 24mm triggered by Cactus V4
Vivitar 283 (In frame) about 1/4th power triggered optically.

just go runt bike

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